Phil Wells

Web Developer, Software Quality Specialist, Tool Maker

422 Sherman Place

Fairview, NJ 07022

(201) 207-0315


Kaplan Test Prep, New York, NY— Web Developer


Building and maintaining educational courseware applications using Node.js, AngularJS, and C# .Net. Working closely with the best and busiest content creators in the educational sector to publish functional and fast educational software for test prep students via our proprietary Content Management System.

Configured custom means to track user activity through our application using Google Analytics. Working closely with UX specialists and product owners, design platform pages with LESS and Sass. Regularly initiate product demonstrations attended by C-level stakeholders to gather new requirements for continuous improvement. Trained to be a Lean UX practitioner with Jeff Gothelf, co-author of Lean UX.

Kaplan Test Prep, New York, NY— QA Engineer


Expanded role from strictly manual testing to heavily automated software testing. Built custom Selenium frameworks in Perl and Java for functional testing of Kaplan’s main web courseware CMS. Oversaw integration of test framework with continuous integration tool TeamCity. Improved time to release high-quality code to our students by orders of magnitude. Also tested high-volume content API’s using custom tools written in Perl, as well as load testing using JMeter.

As part of a Scrum team, worked closely with product owners and developers to ensure that test plans and test cases provide sufficient coverage to meet software requirements. “Thought like an end-user” to constantly verify that our applications would meet student expectations.

Rethink Autism, New York, NY— QA Engineer


Led quality assurance for Rethink Autism, an online courseware firm aimed at providing training to parents and caregivers for special needs children. In this role I automated testing using Perl and Selenium. Was also responsible for content and style verification of marketing emails as well as update emails generated by our app.

Kaplan Test Prep, New York, NY— Release Manager


Reporting directly to the Executive Director of IT Operational Management, I coordinated a 24/7/365 production release schedule for Kaplan Test Prep's technology department. Resolved conflicts, clarified business requirements, and delivered guidance regarding release management best practices.

Worked directly with the Agile CoE, project managers, developers, QA leads (onshore and offshore), and key business stakeholders. Designed a comprehensive release management approval workflow in JIRA. Developed metrics for release management and regularly delivered reports to executive management.

Kaplan Test Prep, New York, NY— QA Engineer


Performed manual QA on courseware, web applications, and internal business systems. Managed and maintained test scripts through TestLink and reported issues through JIRA and TeamTrack. Developed scripts in iMacros and Perl to automate QA tests and tasks. eLearning department's output doubled in the year following my addition to the team.

REOL Services, New York, NY— QA Engineer



New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

FALL 1999 - FALL 2002


Personal Website  HTML5, Bootstrap

Landing page with links to my blog, built using CraftCMS with Twig templating.

LogEntries Query API Wrapper Perl

Simple API wrapper written in Perl for downloading large amounts of log events via LogEntries’s RESTful API.


A book I wrote. Dudesong is a translation of the movie “The Big Lebowski” into 5200+ lines of rhyming verse.


Turning user-driven designs and requirements into professional websites

Iterative development using Agile and Lean UX methodologies to inject constant stakeholder feedback into products

Front-end development using AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, LESS/Sass

Back-end API development using Node.js, C#

Subject matter expert in web accessibility, optimizing web apps for use with screen readers and keyboard navigation

Extensive experience developing for educational content management systems

Have published content using WordPress, CraftCMS, Jekyll, Ghost. Familiar with Markdown, Twig, and Jade


“Genius Award” medal for leading Team Doogie at Kaplan’s 2013 hackathon. We built a Tapster robot that ran Selenium tests on a physical iPhone.

ITIL v3 Foundation Certified